Resources (Presentations) Page

Below are samples of presentations / teaching material linking complexity with different contexts:

2012 Strategy in a complex world ECCS ’12 paper Paper given at the European Conference of Complex Systems in Brussels exploring the implications of complexity to strategy development and implementation; and the associated ECCS strategy extended abstract.

2012 Complexity and ID A presentation to INGO looking at the implications of complexity for programme design and impact assessment.

2012 Complexity and social research A longer presentation, part of teaching on masters in outdoor education at Trinity College, describing complexity theory, its relation to other worldviews, and the implications for undertaking social research.

2011 Complexity and economics Teaching on MA in Economics in Transition at Schumacher College.

2011 Complexity and the Real World A presentation sponsored by the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Bristol considering, with a multidisciplinary group, what is complexity theory and what does it mean for the real world.

2011 Emergence, an initiative as part of One-Planet Wales. A transcript of Emergence – the science aimed at the arts community and given at a conference in Caernarfon, North Wales.

2010 Complexity as Worldview. An open lecture given at Schumacher College as part of ‘Systems Thinking in a Complex World’. The talks links complexity theory to other worldviews, and reflects on what complexity suggests as a ‘guide to living your life’.

Complexity of Complexity workshop, Bath University, Dec 2011
Jean’s Bath University webpage contains videos of presentations by JeanPeter Allen and Bruce Edmonds. The conference, hosted by the Department of Social and Policy Sciences and sponsored by the Institute of Physics, aimed to explore the heart of complexity theory in the eyes of the three presenters.

Complexity Applied workshop, Judge Institute, Cambridge, September 2010
This workshop, also sponsored by the Institute of Physics Nonlinear and Complex Physics group, aimed to provide a forum to explore the way complexity is understood by different disciplines and provide the opportunity for cross-disciplinary learning and debate. These presentations give an indication of the content of the day:

Peter Allen:Complexity, Knowledge and Evolution
Eric Beinhocker:Economic Evolution: More Than a Metaphor